Grace Hospice - South Bend

Established in 2006, Grace Hospice is a Community Health Accreditation Partner (CHAP) accredited hospice agency providing patient and family centered care that optimizes quality of life. Our care team works together focusing on the patient's needs in their home, home of a loved one, or in a long term care or assisted living facility.

Our Mission

For each employee to treat every patient as their own treasured loved one, providing care that affords a quality of life that outweighs quantity of days, and supports caregivers as their hearts find healing

Contact Us

Phone: (574) 208-9270
Fax: (855) 618-0518

5838 West Brick Road, Suite 101
South Bend, IN 46628

Our Services

Our care includes a team of doctors, nurses,social workers, counselors, hospice aides, chaplains, and trained volunteers. They work together focusing on the patient’s needs, whether physical, psychological, or spiritual.

  • Physician services for the medical direction of the patient’s care
  • Regular home visits by registered nurses and licensed vocational nurses, hospice aides, and homemakers
  • Social work and chaplain visits to assist with final arrangements and bereavement care afterward
  • Medical equipment such as hospital beds and oxygen
  • Medical supplies such as bandages and catheters
  • Medications delivered to the home for symptom control and pain relief
  • Volunteer support to assist patients and loved ones
  • Physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and dietary counseling as needed

From our patients

“You did so much for T.H. in the short time you were involved in his life. I think he knew he would be cared for and cared about, and that my daughter (cg) and I would be helped during this time as well. You are so exceptional. Thank you for entering our lives. Duncan, Sheila, Kelly and Marcos.” 

“My only regret is not having used this hospice from the beginning of mom’s illness. This was the best support I had during mom’s illness."